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“Somebody once said that when looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: Integrity, intelligence and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy.” 
Warren Buffett


Talent acquisition in the financial advisory business has become a serious challenge, due to the recent dramatic employment market transformations. More than ever, honesty, clarity of intentions, service drive and loyalty are vital soft skills you must look for. And the key question we all have when hiring is:  

“How do we know if that person will deserve our trust?”


At HireBox, we have helped over 5,000 clients in the last 32 years 
to attract, select and onboard the right people who were ready and 
willing to contribute to their employer’s success & happiness.
We are a small, specialized team of experts who master
marketing as much as we master hiring. We know what
it takes to get your firm in a leading position on the
employment market to attract & select:

• Associates or [future] partners
• Certified financial planners
• Certified public accountants
• Accountants
• Financial analysts and consultants
• Client service representatives
• Business development managers
• Paraplanners
• Office Managers
• Executive assistants

Direct Hiring Support

We offer three levels of 
Direct Hiring Support:

• Creation of an attractive posting
• Development of attractive offer
• Promotion of your job on 80+ job boards
• Promotion/marketing budget included
• Screening of all incoming resumes
• Video interview with qualified applicants
• Testing all qualified, pre-selected applicants
• Sending you as many applicants as needed
• Optimization of your job & company visibility
• Conducting a thorough phone interview
• Testing selected applicants’ on soft skills
• Video evaluation on candidates’ soft skills
• Conducting background checks
• One-to-three months placement guarantee
• Active hunting of passive applicants
• Testing applicants on problem-solving skills
• Three-to-six months placement guarantee
• Overall process acceleration/priority status

Level ONE

Recruitment Marketing


Level TWO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing



Executive Recruitment Process Outsourcing



$1,750 - $2,250/month
(can be multiple hires)

$4,950 - $8,950
per hire

15% to 20% 
of annual salary per hire

Select Level ONE (Recruitment Marketing) if:

- You do not know how to aggressively and effectively 
promote your open position on over 80 job boards.

- You do not have time to scan hundreds of resumes 
and chase down candidates to organize interviews.

- You have tried to promote your open position on a 
few job boards but did not get good results.

- You might need to hire more than one person on that
position (ex: more than one customer service rep).

Select Level TWO (Recruitment 
Process Outsourcing) if:

- You want to reduce your recruitment workload by 75%
 to 80% while optimizing the chances of success.

- You like the idea of taking advantage of a whole HR team representing
your organization and doing almost all the work for you. 

- It is vital that you select people who offer the right set of hard 
AND soft skills. 

- You are attracted by the one-to-three-month placement guarantee. 

Select Level THREE (Executive 
Recruitment Outsourcing) if:

- Filling the open position is VITAL for the expansion and/or 
survival of your organization.

- You are hiring an exec, a future associate or partner, or 
any high-level tech/operation manager. 

- You need to fill that open position FAST, but you cannot
afford to make a wrong hire.

- You feel more comfortable with a three-to-six-month
placement guarantee.

Other Services

Pre-Hire Assessments

If your main concern is to ensure that your candidates bring the right set of soft skills for a specific position, you need to get them evaluated with our unique tools: 

The Pre-Selector® is a very effective and fast pre-screening assessment which allows you to evaluate applicants’ ability and willingness to contribute to the success &happiness of your teams and organization. It also provides you with questions you can ask applicants to challenge them on the honesty and clarity of their pretentions.

The Recru-Tec® Test is a unique full soft skills analysis. It filters applicants through 20 universal soft skills. It is a perfect Quality Control tool and very often will be your best insurance policy against wrong hires. It is entirely job-related and analyzes more than 200 personality characteristics with over 90% precision.

The P.S.S.A.® (Problem-Solving Skills Analysis) analyses applicants’ ability to understand directives or recommendations, their ability to observe and make the right decisions, to execute plans precisely and to demonstrate good judgment when evaluating situations. It also measures their ability to objectively analyze a situation and come up with the most appropriate solution(s).

The Hire-Master Training Program

Our Online Hire-Master Training program is tailored for busy Business/Practice Owners, HR Managers, Recruiters, Consultants or anyone involved with hiring and on-boarding. 

This unique training can be done on your own schedule, by simply logging into our very own training platform. Accompanied with a dedicated instructor, you are guaranteed to improve your hiring skills and become a hiring master!

Topics covered in the Hire-Master Training Program:

• How to create an attractive job posting
• Employment market trends
• How to market your opened position
• Your employer branding strategy
• Pre-selection: resume/application screening
• The Happiness Contribution Index
• First job interview
• Second job interview
• Soft skills vs. hard skills
• How To Detect Soft skills
• EEOC compliance
• The 8 Golden rules of hiring
• Employee Referral Programs
• Reference checks
• Background checks
• On-Boarding
• + More!

What makes this Hire-Master Training Program different?

• 100% Guarantee of satisfaction.
• 32 years of experience – more than 150,000 execs trained.
• Your HireMaster Training Program Author - Patrick Valtin:
Has trained over 150,000 business owners and executives on
the subject of talent acquisition, leadership and people
management. He is the bestselling author of “No-Fail Hiring”
and “Taking Off the Mask”
• Application Driven: The Hire-Master training is 65% practical
and 35% theory. And you have a dedicated supervisor to help.


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